​​What is CPSIA Compliance?

Our designer products proudly comply with the regulations set in the CPSC Child Safety Standards and are made with CPSIA compliant closures for children.

The Commission’s regulations require products intended for children 12 & under to comply with Child Safety Standards (be free of lead and phthalates, and meet certain flammability standards), be tested for compliance, maintain a written record of compliance on file, and have permanent tracking information affixed to the item.  

* All manufacturers and importers of children's products, even those that are small batch manufacturers, must ensure that their children's products are in compliance with the underlying children's product safety rules in Group B and issue a Children's Product Certificate (CPC).  

For products with Group B requirements, the CPC does not necessarily need to be based on third party testing (performed by an independent laboratory) and may, instead, be based on first party testing (performed by a manufacturer), a reasonable testing program (performed by a manufacturer), or a certificate of conformity provided by a component part supplier.

Because of the testing provisions granted to Small Batch Manufacturers, all materials used must be compliant in order to produce a safe, compliant, finished product.

All components and material suppliers used to produced our products for children (fabrics, liners, closures) must first provide a certificate of conformity and or a file copy of the manufactures testing programs.

CPSC safety regulations ensure products that complies with the standards, reduce the risk to your child’s safety. 

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